Kickstart Scheme

Get an extra pair of hands for your business

Join our group of small businesses using the government-funded kickstart scheme. You'll be able to hire a young person to help your business, all funded by the government. Plus you'll receive the full £1,500 setup grant per successful hire. Some agencies charge some of this grant as a commission - we don't.
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What is the Kickstart Scheme?

The new Government-funded Kickstart Scheme gives you the opportunity to create new job placements for 16-24-year-olds on Universal Credit.

The funding covers National Minimum Wage for 25 hours per week for 6 months as well as National Insurance and contributions. You'll also receive £1500 per successful job to cover set up and training costs.

New & unique roles

These roles need to be NEW and unique, and wouldn't be able to happen without the funding. Once accepted, the roles will be advertised by Job Centres who will match eligible candidates to you and will send you details for you to interview,.

Grant Funding Payments

The scheme will cover the employees' wages, National Insurance, and other contributions. This will be paid in arrears, which means that you will need to pay wages and these will be reimbursed to you 2-3 weeks later. All kickstart employees will need to go through PAYE/payroll.

On top of wages, you will also receive a £1500 setup grant per employee to cover the costs of taking on a new employee - ie online subscriptions, laptops, desks, training, etc. Please note that, unlike other agencies, we will NOT be taking any commission from this grant money.


The goal of the scheme is to provide new jobs and work placements for young people. Suitable candidates are more likely to be appropriate for junior positions and/or interns. As part of the scheme, you're committing to help train the employee(s) to advance their careers, including teamwork, work ethic, skills training, CV-building, goal setting, etc.

Job Descriptions & Interview process

To start your application, please fill in this form and we will submit the application on your behalf.

Once your application is approved, you'll need to send us job descriptions for the roles you've submitted. We will pass these onto your local Job Centre who will match eligible candidates to the skills required and passed them onto you to interview.

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Who's behind Go Kickstart?

Hi, I'm Jess Salamanca, founder of a small business (selling healthy ice cream!). I first heard about the Kickstart scheme when it was first announced in Summer 2020 but was sad to hear that small businesses couldn't apply directly and how agencies were taking commissions of up to £1000. I put together a group of 40+ founders and once our application got approved, I decided to help other small businesses by acting as a Kickstart Gateway provider. I really do believe you should not be charged to access a scheme that the government has set out to help businesses.